Dusk Ceremony at The Elephant House 2011

Serpentine Canal,  cnr Necropolis Drive and Necropolis Crt,  Rookwood Cemetery NSW

Dusk ceremony at the Elephant House
Dusk Ceremony at The Elephant House, 2011.

The Dusk Ceremony falls at a time of the year where we honour the completion of our growing season, of harvest and the lighter more active months. We enter into our time of rest and renewal. In these months, we begin to dream and conceive the seeds of possibility, for when spring comes. In many spiritual and religious traditions this is the time of year for renewal and for the deep, transforming power of rest within the growing darkness.

In the southern hemisphere, seasonally, this is our ‘Halloween’ the time of year where the veils between our worlds are the thinnest.

This year it follows Easter, also a time of rebirth and renewal.

This ceremony, conducted within a civil context, celebrates the beautiful surrounds of Rookwood and invites people to lay to rest what is passed, what is done and to begin to kindle what may come from here. We are celebrating the time of ‘in between’ – of transformation when you are not yet one thing or another, a powerful and often uncertain time, that we bathe in light, music, song, fire and a warm soup to set us on our way.

We are also introducing the wider community to the garden cemetery in the Old Anglican section. An architectural marvel that offers us much opportunity to enjoy it today as a lace in which people of all faiths and spiritualities can gather to experience a little bit of the sacred within the everyday.

This event is part of an ongoing project to lay to rest the myth that we are a death denying society and rather celebrates the relationships people from diverse cultures and faiths have and are wanting to make with this most mysterious of our life passages.

Dusk CeremonyMeet at the Serpentine Canal, 3:30pm
Enter at the corner of Necropolis Drive and Necropolis Court to make lanterns and explore the surrounds. Experience story and song around the Serpentine Canal and spend some time in little nooks and cranny’s pondering what you may lay to rest and what may come to life from that in the months to follow.

Gathering and Ceremony, 4:30 – 6:00pm
We will from our time in the Serpentine Canal and make our way a short distance to the Elephant House. There will be a ceremony at Dusk inside the Elephant House at the conclusion of which, people light their lanterns. There will be all elements represented- earth, air, water, incense, mounds of earth in which we can place whatever we lay to rest.

The ceremony will be followed by a fire, soup and bread.

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How to get there

Map of meeting spot

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Traveling to Rookwood Cemetery by Public Transport
Sydney Buses and State Rail provide services to Rookwood Cemetery.

By Bus
Bus route 408 stops in the Old Anglican sections of Rookwood Cemetery.
 It connects Rookwood Cemetery to Flemington, Homebush, Strathfield and Burwood Railway Stations. 

Bus route 400 from Bondi Junction can be used to connect with bus route 408 at Burwood Station.

By Train
Lidcombe is the nearest railway station to Rookwood Cemetery.

Wet Weather Alternative

In the case of wet weather the event will be on with a different starting place – stay tuned!

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Dusk Ceremony at the Elephant House 2011


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